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Keep that “new car” feeling for longer while
protecting your vehicle from the elements
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At Brilliant Detailing, we specialise in preparing Cars for Sale and providing Paint Protection services that will keep your car in top condition. Our professional team has the skill; experience and the cleaning equipment to ensure your vehicle will look its best and keep its value.

Selective Detailing

This is also known as a “mini detailing” service

suitable for busy people; perfect as a gift; and for maintaining the presentation of your car for the long term.

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Extensive Detailing

This is a premium package that is perfect to prepare your vehicle for sale. There are optional add-ons that make it easy to tailor the detailing service to your specific situation.

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Paint Protection Service

Paint Protection is a protective coating for your car’s paint that bonds stronger, protects better and lasts longer than old-style automotive polishes. Our clients use this service to maintain the original presentation of the car to a pristine condition.

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Paint Protection will:

  • Protect your car from environmental damage.
  • Help maintain your car’s value.
  • Keep your car looking cleaner for longer.
  • Month over month your car will be easier and faster to clean
  • Keep your car with a beautiful, deep shine.

Preparing Cars For Sale

Mention to our specialist that you are preparing your car for sale and we will offer you a package that ensures your car will look its best for any potential buyer. We will explain the items that should be fixed pre-sale and other items that might be left to the new owner. Typically, we give your car a thorough clean and tidy-up while not breaking the bank – everything necessary to make a great first impression!

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