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Paint Protection

ChamoisOnBonnetAt Brilliant Detailing, we specialise in preparing cars for sale, keeping cars looking great, and keeping that “new car feel” for much longer.

Our Paint Protection services will keep your car in top condition. Our professional team has the experience and top-of-the-line cleaning equipment to ensure your vehicle will look its best and keep its value.

What is Paint Protection?

Paint Protection is a protective coating that is applied over your car’s paint. It bonds stronger, protects better, and lasts longer than old-style automotive polishes.

Paint Protection will:

  • Protect your car from environmental damage.
  • Help maintain your car’s value.
  • Help keep your car looking cleaner for longer.
  • Make your car easier to keep clean.
  • Produce a deep mirror shine you can be proud of.

Why Do I Need Paint Protection?

Bird-DroppingA car ages faster when exposed to the elements. Bird droppings, UV radiation, oxidation, tree sap, and bug splatter can quickly and permanently damage the paint. Bird droppings are highly acidic and in just 72 hours, they can leave a mark that won’t easily wash off.

Your car may have been polished by the Dealer prior to delivery. This can hide minor paint imperfections and also protects your car for the first few months. However, over time, and with weekly or monthly washings, the polish is slowly removed, so that after 3-6 months, the car is unprotected. It’s at this point when permanent fading and damage starts to occur.

What our customers say

“ My cars are very special to me and I’m fussy when it comes to my cars. The team at Brilliant Detailing deliver a quality result every time, I cannot fault it. I have had the Paint Protection applied to all my cars and let me say it’s the best money I’ve ever spent. The dirty and insect splats come off so easy without much effort, plus the car looks new all the time which is a great bonus.” — Frank Amato Pictures-1036-300x164[1]

What are the Choices in Paint Protection?

Brilliant Detailing offers two choices in Paint Protection:

The Standard Package

  • Top down Pre-Wash including Wheels/Windows. Essential to remove any recent road grit and grime.
  • Application of Toughseal – a 2-step paint protection. The first step thoroughly cleans the pores of the paint and prepares the surface. The second step bonds tightly to the paint. Enhanced with PTFE so it leaves the paint protected and slippery smooth.
  • A Limited Lifetime Warranty from Toughseal Australia without the need for annual inspections.
  • Complimentary bottle of Wash-n-Gloss which is the BEST product for regular washing after your Paint Protection.

The Deluxe Package

This includes The Standard Package, plus:

  1. Paint Correction – New cars can have some minor paint imperfections so we use a clay bar when washing that will detach any minerals. We then apply a 1-Stage machine polish/glaze to remove any imperfections. This results in a deep gloss. (Valued at $180)
  2. Easy Car Maintenance Kit includes:
  • One Microfibre Noodle Wash Mitt
  • Three Microfibre Drying Cloths
  • One Swirl Free Washing Guide

Package Prices

For passenger cars, including all Passenger Hatch, Sedans, Wagons – $545.The Standard Package

  • Four Wheel Drives, SUV and People Movers -$645

The Deluxe Package

  • For passenger cars, including all Passenger Hatch, Sedan, Wagons – $695.
  • Four Wheel Drives, SUV and People Movers -$795

Optional Add Ons

To reduce the effect of spills and stains on your interior fabrics, leather, plastic or vinyl, combine an Interior package with either of the Paint Protection packages to totally protect your car.Interior Protection Package

The Interior Protection includes:

  1. Light Interior Cleaning. Vacuum seats/carpets. Wipe down interior surfaces.
  2. Fabric Protection – Protects Seats, Carpets and Floor Mats. Leather Protection – Protects Seats, Trim and Door Inserts.
  3. Vinyl / Plastic Protection – Protects and cleans Door Trims, Dash, Console


  • Passenger Cars including,All Passenger Hatch, Sedan, Wagon – $240
  • Four Wheel Drives, SUV and People Movers – $280

Combined with either Paint Protection Package – save $80 off the total package price

Window Tinting

We also offer window tinting. Just ask us about it when you book your Paint Protection service.

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