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Fixed vs Mobile

While fixed detailers operate from a specific location and you take your car to that location, mobile detailers come to you and they must bring their equipment and products in their van.

Comparing the differences between Fixed and Mobile Detailing


  • Fixed Detailers use heavy duty industrial pressure washers, vacuum cleaners, water extractors and a full range of chemicals and equipment selected to suit your vehicle’s specific needs.
  • Mobile detailers, by necessity, must use smaller portable equipment with a limited range of chemicals and products.

Waste Water

  • Fixed detailers capture and treat water, then dispose of the water specifically to a water corporation sewer system. This requires a water corporation “Permit to Discharge Industrial Waste” and includes regular testing of waste water.
  • Mobile detailers dispose of the water and chemicals they use via ground water or storm water systems. Unfortunately, storm water carries chemicals to our river systems.


  • Fixed detailers have a team trained to specific task and with varying levels of experience. A key benefit of using a fixed detailer is that they will always have a team leader who is responsible for quality control and customer service. This ensures that your car is ready at the agreed time.
  • Mobile detailers often rely in a one-person service and there are no contingencies for unexpected no-can-show or quality control.


  • Fixed detailers are open year round with room to move your car indoors.
  • Mobile detailers are seasonal, or under a covered area, that is open to weather conditions.


  • Fixed detailers give you the option of leaving your car at secure facility overnight, or for several days for large jobs. It also makes it possible for you to return to premises should you need to discuss any aspect of the service with the Manager.
  • Mobile detailers by default are mobile and therefore they often have no fixed base location. This requires the client to provide a specific location and source to power and water.


  • Fixed detailers allow the customer to arrange for the drop-off and pick-up of the car. There are also pick-up and drop- off services at local shops and neighborhoods.
  • Mobile detailers come to you so you are bound to a very specific appointment time and location.


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