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About Brilliant Detailing

Your Local Team of Professional Detailers

Located at a dedicated facility in the suburb of Belmont, Western Australia, we are recognised for our work in meticulously preparing Cars for Sale so that our clients can get the best sell price possible.

As we know cars inside and out, we can customise your detailing service based on your specific requirements.

Our team are trained professionals who understand that customer service is a business imperative and as such we have focused on staff training, documentation and quality control.

Our Promise

We are a team of professionally trained automotive detailers.

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
    We pride ourselves in our promise of a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee because we want to get the job done right every time.
  • Value For Money
    Our goal is to provide every client with a cost effective, value-for-money detailing service that exceeds expectations.
  • Water Wise
    We are one of the few Perth Car Detailers to have a dedicated wash bay with Water Corporation approval and permits. We offer Perth Car Detailing services from customised premises in Belmont.

Our Reputation

Brilliant Detailing has an outstanding reputation for being the go-to team for a professional detailing prior to the sale of a car. Clients come to us to ensure that they can get the maximum sell price because of the meticulous attention to detail that we deliver.

Additionally, our expertise is reflected in our knowledge of what clients actually want. We have three easy to understand detailing packages and also offer add-on services for easy customisation based on individual needs.

Now you can choose from one of our car detailing packages knowing that the end result will demonstrate a service that is great value for money. We guarantee it!

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